Jared Pendergraft

My Lovely Face


My name is Jared, it’s nice to meet you.

I love developing identities, improving branding systems and creating fantastic web things. Whether starting from scratch or improving usability, I’m passionate about making projects clean and functional.

My Creative Process

  1. Initial discovery and research — figure out what we’re building and what problems we’re trying to solve.
  2. Style and tone — explore visual ideas and establish the voice of the project.
  3. Present ideas and determine technical constraints — finalize approval of visual direction and confirm what was designed can be built.
  4. Finalize information architecture and build — confirm our design supports established content models and begin development.
  5. Test, optimize and iterate — perform A/B testing when applicable to confirm assumptions, optimize content for best performance, and determine what can be improved in the next cycle.

Let’s create something great together! Get in touch via email or follow me on Twitter or Dribbble.